Accredited Training Institution by IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance)
for conducting DB&F / JAIIB / CAIIB classes


BReT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. hitherto has been a pioneer in offering online training for various competitive exams and Bank/Insurance CWE’s at the pre-recruitment stage. We now have both blended training (classroom / virtual training + online course) as well as only online course for bank employees to successfully face the post-recruitment JAIIB and CAIIB Exams being conducted by IIBF. We welcome all the Bank employees to explore our new initiative.

Our aim is always to maintain high standards of training with the objective to prepare bank employees for the JAIIB and CAIIB Exams through our training courses and self-evaluation.



To empower the Bankers to acquire relevant and professional qualification through high quality updated knowledge in the domain of banking and other related subjects and to possess additional professional qualification which ensures career development.

Course Structure

As both JAIIB/CAIIB Exams are conducted online, up to date domain knowledge with analytical ability is a pre-requisite to clear these exams. The course is structured based on these lines. All the related topics are narrated through slides. The Test papers are designed to cover all the topics comprehensively. Users will be able to verify the correctness of answers on submission of test papers with detailed explanation to all the answers.


  • The curriculum covering important sections of the syllabus with slides on the lessons and mock tests are in line with the exam pattern conducted by IIBF.
  • Course has been designed by bankers with vast experience and academicians assisted by a panel of advisors.
  • 15 Practice Tests of 120 questions on each JAIIB subject & 10 Practice Tests of 100 questions on each CAIIB subject along with instant self-performance assessment.
  • Detailed explanation is provided along with the answer to each question.

Some Basic information about JAIIB - CAIIB

Though all the information about JAIIB and CAIIB Exams are available in the official site of IIBF www.iibf.org.in, some of the information is published here for the benefit of candidates.

What is JAIIB?

  • Acronym for 'Junior Associate of IIB&F'
  • This is an associate examination held by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF).
  • The JAIIB exam is only applicable to the ordinary members of the Institute.
  • The aspiring candidates must have passed the 12th standard examination in any discipline or its equivalent.

What is CAIIB?

  • Acronym for 'Certified Associate of IIB&F'
  • CAIIB aims at providing advanced knowledge necessary for better decision making covering risk, financial and general bank management.
  • The CAIIB exam is only applicable to the ordinary members of the Institute.
  • Candidates must have completed JAIIB or PART-1 of the Associate Examination, and their membership subscription should not be in arrears.

Why JAIIB and CAIIB Exams?

  • After clearing these exams employees are entitled to additional increments in pay scales/monetary benefits.
  • Besides increments/benefits, they will get recognition & will be given challenging areas like Credit, Forex, etc.
  • Helps in getting early promotions.
  • Can get good position and a jump in salary in private sector banks.

What is the syllabus?

As mentioned on the IIBF website, "Keeping in view the professional nature of examinations, all matters falling within the realm of the subject concerned will have to be studied by the candidate as questions can be asked on all relevant matters under the subject. Candidates appearing for the Associate Examination should particularly prepare themselves for answering questions that may be asked on the latest developments taking place under the various subjects of the said examination although those topics may not have been specifically included in the syllabus. The Institute also reserves to itself the right to vary the syllabus / rules / fee structure from time to time. Any alterations made will be notified from time to time."

  • Further, questions based on current developments in banking and finance may be asked.
  • Candidates are advised to refer to financial news papers/periodicals including ‘‘IIB VISION’’ and ‘‘Bank Quest’’ published by the Institute, in addition to BReTS’ Coaching (practice questions with explanation to solution).

What is the pattern of the exam?

These exams are conducted online with MCQs

Questions for the JAIIB / CAIIB Examination are structured covering:

  • Knowledge testing
  • Conceptual grasp
  • Analytical / logical exposition
  • Problem solving
  • Case analysis
  • In respect of the exams to be conducted by the Institute during November / December of a calendar year, instructions / guidelines issued by the regulator(s) and important developments in banking and finance up to 30th June of that year will only be considered for the purpose of inclusion in the question papers.
  • The table given below further clarifies the situation:
Particulars Cut-off Date of Guidelines / Important Developments for Examinations
For the exams to be conducted by the Institute for the period February to July 31st December of the previous year
For the exams to be conducted by the Institute for the period August to January Preceding 30th June

When these exams take place?

JAIIB/CAIIB examination will be conducted normally twice a year in the months of May / June and November / December.

What is the time limit to clear the exam?

  • Candidates will be required to pass the examination (JAIIB/CAIIB) within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts).
  • Candidates not able to pass JAIIB/CAIIB Examination within stipulated time period of two years are required to re-enroll themselves afresh by submitting a fresh Examination Application Form.

What is the Passing Criteria?

Candidate securing at least 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects of JAIIB / CAIIB in a single attempt would also be declared as having completed JAIIB/ CAIIB Examination as the case may be. This benefit will not be available to candidates availing the facility of credit transfer as they would not be passing the examination in single attempt.

As the banking and finance fields are dynamic, rules and regulations witness rapid changes. It is BReTS’ constant endeavour to keep the course material update in conformance with the Circulars issued by RBI, SEBI, MOF, etc.

Exam Pattern

JAIIB Exam has 3 Compulsory Papers as follows

  • Principles & Practices of Banking
  • Accounting & Finance for Bankers
  • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

Each of the JAIIB 3 Papers consists of 120 Multiple Choice Questions (70 half mark, 35 one mark and 15 two mark - questions) with a duration of 2 hours.

CAIIB Exam has 2 Compulsory Papers and 1 Elective Paper as follows

  • Advanced Bank Management
  • Bank Financial management
  • Elective Paper: Can be chosen from a basket of 6 Papers: Retail Banking is the most sought after Paper

Each of the CAIIB Papers consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions including 40 case studies (all one mark each) with duration of 2 hours.

Minimum marks for pass in JAIIB and CAIIB and Diploma in Banking & Finance Exam is 50 out of 100 marks in each subject or at least 45 marks in each subject with a total of 150 marks in all subjects put together in a single attempt. There are no negative marks for wrong answers.


  • JAIIB (Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers).

      Consists of 3 papers

    • Principles & Practices of Banking
    • Accounting & Finance for Bankers
    • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking
  • CAIIB (Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers) Consists of 2 compulsory papers and One Elective paper

      Compulsory Papers:

    • Advanced Bank Management
    • Bank Financial Management
    • Elective Paper-III : Rural Banking
    • Elective Paper-VI : Retail Banking (Other subjects will follow)
  • The curriculum covering important sections of the syllabus with slides on the Lessons and more importantly Mock Tests which is in line with the exam pattern conducted by IIBF.
  • Fully internet centric, computer based 24x7 online training module at candidate's convenience
  • Product designed by seasoned Industry stalwarts and Academicians assisted by a panel of Advisors
  • 15 Mock Tests of 120 questions for each JAIIB subjects & 10 Mock Tests of 100 questions for each CAIIB subjects along with immediate self-performance assessments.