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Banks/Insurance & Other Competitive Exams

IBPS and SBI have been conducting two-tier examinations for recruitment of Probationary Officers/Management Trainees and Clerks from 2015-16 onwards. All the candidates who successfully register themselves under Common Written Examination (CWE) will be eligible to appear for preliminary examinations. Based on the performance in the preliminary examination, certain number of candidates will be shortlisted for the final examinations. There is no restriction on the number of attempts for either of these exams.

There is no interview for IBPS Clerical post.

Bank jobs are attractive with starting CTC package of around Rs. 7.50- 12.00 lakhs for POs and about Rs. 3.50 - 4.00 lakhs for clerical staff, with very good scope for promotions.

One year Officers' AO/Platinum Course is an ideal package in every respect for cracking an exam within the stipulated time. The latest training module evolved by BReTS is of 12 months duration enabling the candidate to attempt multiple online PO & Clerical exams during this period, thereby increasing chances of success. By enrolling for this course, candidates can appear for more than 20 exams during this period of 12 months.

BReTS also offers exam-specific courses for a limited period, i.e. from the date of announcement of the exam up to the day of the exam.

  • The key differentiators that make a candidate successful in the competitive/BFSI common written examinations are speed and accuracy.
  • Speed can be increased only with hands-on experience. BReTS’ courses provide Speed Acceleration Methodology by offering Mock Tests that enables candidates to increase their speed of answering questions.
  • By focussing on high quality content and comprehensive online coaching, BReT Solutions is striving to ensure that the candidates can achieve accuracy.

Further, research has shown that there is an increase in the performance level of those students who take online training by about 18% as compared to conventional learning.

  • Instant self-performance evaluation by candidates upon completion of each Mock Test is available for achieving the desired results of speed and accuracy to score high marks in the examination.
  • The content also includes topics like Introduction to Exams, How to Study, Problem Solving, Speed Maths, Time Management and Overcoming Exam Fear, etc.
  • Practice test questions on Reasoning, Quantitative Analysis & Data Interpretations have been provided with solutions/explanations for all the answers.

Specific, topic-wise 1 month crash course is made available for those candidates who have attempted the exams earlier and need to brush up once again.

General Information

  • Visit our website
  • You can view FREE DEMO with sample on Lessons, Coaching & Practice tests.
  • Visit the courses & offerings. select the course and proceed to buy.
  • Click ‘Register’ and complete the respective fields.

A candidate can login with her/his user name and password to buy BReTS course only after completing the registration process. In order to buy the course click on BUY ONLINE COURSE and choose the respective course, you wish to enrol for.

  • Once you log in to the respective course, it will open a ‘payment page’.
  • Complete the required details in the ‘payment page’, tick the box ‘terms of service’ at the extreme left of the bottom of the page for having accepted the terms of service, and then click ‘Payment’ button.
  • Two options appear, i.e. ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’ mode for payment.
  • Click your choice. In either case, you will be shown the message ‘Thanks for placing order for the Online Course (with system generated Order No.)
  • Upon receiving the payment, we will activate the course selected by you and an email will be sent to you along with a copy of the Invoice
  • BReTS also enables you to buy the course via offline mode. You may make payment to either of the following bank accounts:

    The details of the account held by BReT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in State Bank of India and Canara Bank are given below.


    Name of the Account: BReT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    A/C No.: 34223434603
    IFS Code No: SBIN0005778
    Bank: State Bank of India
    Branch: 9/1 Mahalakshmi Chambers, M.G.Road. Bengaluru 560 001


    Name of the Account: BReT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    A/C No.: 0884201002038
    IFS Code No: CNRB0002636
    Bank: Canara Bank
    Branch: Prime Corporate Branch, M.G. Road, Bangalore - 560001
  • On making the payment via Offline mode, mail the particulars thereof to us on
  • Upon receiving the payment, we will activate the course selected by you and an email will be sent to you along with a copy of the Invoice.
  • Internet connection with a minimum speed of 2 mbps is recommended.
  • Data usage capacity of about 2 GB per month.
  • Online course is best viewed with the latest version of either Google Chrome or Firefox.

The Learning Management System (LMS) Module in BReTS’ courses provides a wide range of standard and customised reports that helps candidates monitor their progress. Each course has 3 segments, i.e. Lessons, Coaching and Practice Tests. The LMS enables self-evaluation by the candidate by indicating the following:
a) Percentage of course completed
b) Ranking among students who have completed the course
c) Ranking every test a candidate appears for

A candidate may contact BReTS Faculty during office hours through mobile numbers/email mentioned on our website.

A review of our feedback section reveals that though offline classes offer interaction with faculty and clearing the doubts, candidates are still unable to clear the exams with a good score.

Typically, in offline classes, candidates are given a Test on a single subject. Their capability is not judged since they are not made to take up tests on all TOPICS at a time. This limits their ability to practice as well as crack exams successfully. However, BReTS’ online course differs from most of the offline courses in that it helps candidates practice managing time while taking Tests on all the topics in a single MOCK TEST.

  • One can attend the classes 24 x 7 via internet any time anywhere in the world.
  • No need to travel to the class room, hence savings of cost, time and energy.
  • Unlike classroom-based training, online courses can be undertaken more than once without additional charge (usually an unlimited number of times within a certain period of time), meaning that any information that was missed during the first review can be found by simply going back and re-doing the online course. With conventional training, the only way a person can go back over something they've missed is to pay the course fee again and re-do the whole course!

Yes. It is possible, in case there is no computer or connectivity of any sort at home

No. Internet connection is a must

Yes. Our coaching slides indicate short cut methods for arriving at answers, particularly for subjects like QA & Reasoning/Data Interpretations

No printed materials are provided. All our lessons are made available online only.

Our aim is to develop the candidates’ skill for speed and accuracy. We are hopeful of good success rate subject to hard work by the aspirants. Minimum 3 months to a maximum of 12 months’ study and practice has shown a pass percentage of 50% as per our statistics.

Yes. The mock tests are structured in tune with the tests being conducted by IBPS/SBI with provision for evaluation of time and accuracy.

Yes. The questions and answers in mock tests are also based on updated information. We also upload weekly updates on current affairs.

Not on offer currently.


Acronym for Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance.

Acronym for Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

Both these certification courses are applicable to the ordinary members of the IIBF who are mostly the employees of banks/financial institutions and any other institutions as may be approved by the Governing Council.

  • After clearing these exams employees are entitled to additional increments in pay scales/monetary benefits.
  • Besides increments/monetary benefits, they will be assigned challenging areas like Credit, Forex, etc.
  • Helps in getting early promotions.
  • Can get good position and a jump in salary in private sector banks.
  • Candidates will be required to pass the examination (JAIIB/CAIIB) within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts) from the date of enrollment.
  • Candidates not able to clear JAIIB/CAIIB Examination within the stipulated time period of two years are required to re-enroll themselves again by submitting a fresh Examination Application Form.
  • BReTS’ online learning program has been designed by seasoned experts in banking industry and academicians assisted by a panel of advisers. The objective of the program is to make every Bank employee himself/herself ready for the JAIIB and CAIIB Exams through training, coaching, and monitoring in a holistic manner.
  • The practical tests provided in the course provide immediate evaluation of the candidate’s performance in the test. Answers provided to the questions in the tests contain explanations supporting the answers for ease of understanding.
  • BReTS has developed a courseware to cover the syllabus. Candidates are advised to make full use of the courseware.
  • As the banking and finance sectors are dynamic, rules and regulations witness rapid changes. BReTS endeavours to update its course materials in tune with the circulars issued by RBI, SEBI, MOF & other authorities.

DB&F Courses

Diploma in Banking and Finance is a certification exam conducted by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF).

Indian Bank’ Association (IBA) has approved DB&F as a desirable qualification along with other prescribed entry level qualification for recruitment in Banks.

The course will make candidates job ready in Banking and Financial sector.

  • Application for examination should be registered online on the Institute’s website
  • Examination fees/registration fees (plus GST as applicable) to be paid to IIBF:

    Description Fees
    First Attempt Fee Rs. 3,200/-
    2nd Attempt Fee Rs. 1,000/-
    3rd Attempt Fee Rs. 1,000/-
    4th Attempt Fee Rs. 1,000/-
    Candidates are required to Register for every attempt seperately

DB&F online exams are conducted by IIBF twice (on Sundays) in a year during May-Jun & Nov- Dec

The pattern of examination is:

  • Question Paper contains 120 objective types multiple choice questions for 100 marks including questions based on case studies/case lets for each subject. The institute may however vary the number of questions asked on each subject
  • The examination will be held in online mode only.
  • There is no negative mark for a wrong answer

IIBF host on its website details of all the successful candidates and makes it available to its member Banks/ Institutions which include Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Public Sector Banks, and Co-operative Banks and IT/BPO companies providing services to banking industry, for considering them for employment.

  • Minimum mark for pass in the subject is 50 out of 100.
  • Candidates securing at least 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects of examination in a single attempt will also be declared as having completed the examination.
  • Candidates will be allowed to retain credits for the subject they have passed in an attempt till the expiry of the time limit for passing the examination
  • First Class:  60% or more marks in aggregate and pass in all the subjects in the FIRST ATTEMPT
  • First Class with Distinction: 70% or more marks in aggregate and 60 or more marks in each subject in the FIRST ATTEMPT

Candidates will be required to pass the examination within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts) of enrolment.

  • Online course is designed as per the syllabus of IIBF.
  • It is exclusively developed by Banking industry experts, assisted by panel of Advisors from the banking field.
  • Lessons of DB&F explained through Power Point Presentation slides.
  • Lessons are updated from time to time based on the latest developments in economy, banking & finance sector
  • 45 Practice Tests (15 tests each for three subjects) covering 4800 questions are designed as per the exam pattern of DB&F
  • Each practice test on the following subjects has 120 questions, to be attempted in 120 minutes:
    • Principles and Practice of Banking
    • Accounting and finance for bankers
    • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking

  • The course provides knowledge inputs to the candidates and exposes them to the operational process and modern banking environment so that they can man the counters at the branch/office from the first day of joining a Bank.
  • Our course is very useful to the aspirants to crack the DB&F exam with ease. BReTS provide total online solutions & guidance with rich and updated materials for study & preparations in tune with the exam syllabus.
  • It is expected that successful candidates of DB&F would have competitive edge and will be absorbed by Banks and Financial Institutions and that this certification would emerge as a preferred professional qualification, along with graduation, for employment in BFSI Sector.

The course is available in two packages: 6 Months and 1 Year.